Does My Cat Really Need the Vet?
Some people believe that veterinary visits are too stressful or unnecessary for their cat.  Unfortunately they couldn’t be further from the truth.  Cats are secretive and masters of hiding disease.  It takes a trained eye, a thorough history, and maybe some lab tests to know for sure.  Nature teaches cats that the sick and the weak Click to continue reading

43083 Peacock Market Plaza, #140
South Riding, VA 20152 703.327.0909

  Mon - Fri: 7:30 AM-7:30PM
  Sat & Sun: 8:30 AM-1:00PM
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43083 Peacock Market Plaza, #140  
South Riding, VA 20152
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Aldie Veterinary Hospital welcomes you!

Aldie Veterinary Hospital is an animal hospital located in South Riding VA near Brambleton, Chantilly, and Stone Ridge in the Dulles South area of Loudoun county.

Aldie Veterinary Hospital practices state of the art veterinary medicine.  We aim to provide the most advanced, comprehensive surgical and medical options to our patients.  We use our cutting-edge medical and surgical equipment to exceed the standard for veterinary excellence. We put an emphasis on detailed client communication in a supportive environment so that your decisions regarding your pet’s healthcare are the best.

Our animal hospital would be honored to provide your next pet care service.

What's New At The Hospital

Aldie Veterinary Hospital is very excited to introduce our new cold therapy laser.  Our therapy laser delivers specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light to induce a therapeutic effect within the body.  These effects include increased circulation, decreased swelling, reduction of pain and enhanced tissue repair.  Laser therapy is an FDA approved treatment for both human and animal use.  It is now our standard of practice to treat the incision post-operatively for all surgical patients.  This will help reduce healing time as well as incision pain.  The laser can also be used to promote healing in a variety of skin conditions including; ear infections, hot spots, periodontal disease, and persistent skin infections.  It is also a useful pain management treatment for patients with arthritis, joint disease, surgical pain, hip dysplasia, muscle and ligament strains and acute injuries. 

Our team is happy to discuss all treatment options available to your pet.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pets health needs.


Rated "Best Veterinarian" by I Am Modern Magazine (2013)

Rated "Top Vet" by Virginia Living Magazine (2011)

Rated "Best Vet for Your Pet" by Consumers' Checkbook (2010)

Who's Talking About Aldie Vet?
I believe that the Aldie Vet Hospital is the Johns Hopkins  for pets of  N. VA for 2 main reasons: I believe that: 1.  Aldie Vet follows procedures which are far more thorough than other vet hospitals in this area.  Read More

I have been bringing our pet zoo to Aldie Vet for the last three years (3 dogs and 2 cats) and this last visit was especially amazing. Dr. Griffings was giving our cat Crosby a checkup and she took the time to let both of my sons hear his heartbeat and explained all of the procedures including demonstrating the blood draw. Dr. Luce has established an amazing business and we are so proud to call them our family vet! They all really do treat our pets as their own! Thank you staff. Kim C. from Aldie, VA