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Aldie Veterinary Hospital, LLC Reviews

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aldie vet reviews

Re:     Aldie Veterinary Hospital
I applaud this facility.  Adie, VA is  fortunate to have it - for their pets. The entire staff is conscientious - it is the best. 
*        Facility immaculate
*        Front desk personnel -  efficient,  caring, professional and phone response excellent.
*        Veterinarian assistants --  impressive -    their knowledge, experience and expertise great.
*        Dr. Griffing is "superb" in every way.   Treated us tenderly with undivided attention - did not rush through consultation, and listened with empathy.  She "takes charge" with resolve.

Dr. Griffing has pride in her work,  and it is obvious her heart overflows with love for animals.  She is dedicated; has a persona  that is contagious and is profoundly efficient and people oriented.                          
Re:    Aldie Veterinary Hospital Billing:  I was given an estimate range of the fees/costs,  and they were aware that I truly had no budget -- just requesting the best care for my pet -   the care was wonderful -- and the bill reflected their intent to be fair; it was below the minimal estimate.  Overall this entire facilility deserves a 10+  -  all have a commitment to excellence.   Thank you!
Email, GG, July 27, 2012

To: Dr. Hood and Dr. Pattie; also all the Techs and staff that helped

I believe that the Aldie Vet Hospital is the Johns Hopkins  for pets of  N.
VA for 2 main reasons:

1.  Aldie Vet follows procedures which are far more thorough than other vet
hospitals in this area.  These procedures and descriptions give the pet
condition, diagnosis, recommended treatment but also causes in additioanl to
what the owner can do to help remedy the problem.  These are also documetned
and given to the owner.  While other vets are very experienced and have
excellent credentials, they simply are not as thorough and do not spend as
much time and thoroughness; not do they document all of the above for the

2.  The Washington Checkbook and other VA publications rate Aldie tops; so I
am simply agreeing with them.

The above is well worth the additional 15 minute drive from McLean since
Arminta is receiving better care as evidenced above. I recommend that you describe your thorough procedures, documentation  and
best ratings by the Checkbook and other VA publications on your front webpage. This will make it obvious that Aldie is tops. Email, Bob W. May 5, 2012

Amazing Vets and Staff. We are blessed to have you all as our hospital!!! Facebook, J. H., April 25, 2012

Aldie Vet is a great place to take your animal... I worked there for 5.5 years and still take my dog there because he loves everyone there and I trust them! Facebook, Jessica P.

I moved into South Riding about 2 years ago.  For over the first year, I still drove 30 mins to my old vet, but it was very inconvenient... especially because I'm at the vet's office very often.  Reason being is that I show and breed dogs and their weight is very important... either to maintain or to monitor growth.  I decided to give Aldie a shot and I went with one of their newer vets Dr. Pattie because she embraced a similar philosophy that I do with respect to preventatives and treatment.  She also balances Eastern and Western medicine... which I have taken advantage of as I currently have one of my dogs receiving accupuncture. Over-vaccination is a problem.  Most vets will pump your dog with a 7-way shot each year and charge you a bunch with it (big profits here too).  Most people just accept this as appropriate.  Wrong.  My dogs get rabbies accordingly to the law and they get a distemper/parvo puppy series (which takes two years to complete).  After that they are titered every three years to check their resistance and get a booster if needed.  The other shots are HORRIBLE for your dogs as many are preserved with heavy metals.  I also don't give the Lyme shot.  This was originally made for humans, but was pulled for its adverse effects.  Now they want us to give to dogs?  No thanks.  There are many cases and studies (Search Dr. Jean Dodds) for more information as I'm not here to preach.  Anyway... Dr. Pattie supports and respects my decision and works with me to maintain optimal health with my dogs.  She is well educated in all the vaccination news and understands both sides to the argument.  Some vets will not treat your dogs if they are not fully pumped, which is very sad, but Aldie will.  We see this trend with more and more vets each year, which is nice.

As I am very neurotic about my pets' health, I have anything and everything checked out that is not normal.  The staff there are always nice and greet me and the dogs warmly.  I'm sure they are probably sick of seeing me all the time for weigh ins, but hey... that's just the way I am. Last point... Dr. Pattie has never been one to push anything or try to treat things in an expensive fashion.  What I mean is... a lot of vets will go the most expensive route in treatments and you'll pay a fortune.  I don't see this at all with them.  Yes... vets cost money.  If you're not willing to spend the money, don't get a pet, but I am comforable with their prices and the fact that they don't overdiagnose, overtreat, and over medicate dogs.  Oh... if you don't have pet insurance, it's so worth it.  Don't worry about coverage for routine things.  Get one that covers 1) breed specific items and 2) the Oh &#%@ emergencies.  Yelp, Kris F. 1/23/2012

I have an older dog (12 years) Yorkie/Chu with multiple health problems (but still acts like a puppy!) Dr. Patti has been absolutely wonderful. She takes the time to explain his problems and what we can do to make him feel better. The staff is also caring and willing to go the extra distance to make his visits pleasant. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!!! D.L. Pearl. Superpages, D.L. Pearl 7/2011






Rated "Best Veterinarian" by I Am Modern Magazine (2013)

Rated "Top Vet" by Virginia Living Magazine (2011)

Rated "Best Vet for Your Pet" by Consumers' Checkbook (2010)

Who's Talking About Aldie Vet?
I believe that the Aldie Vet Hospital is the Johns Hopkins  for pets of  N. VA for 2 main reasons: I believe that: 1.  Aldie Vet follows procedures which are far more thorough than other vet hospitals in this area.  Read More

I have been bringing our pet zoo to Aldie Vet for the last three years (3 dogs and 2 cats) and this last visit was especially amazing. Dr. Griffings was giving our cat Crosby a checkup and she took the time to let both of my sons hear his heartbeat and explained all of the procedures including demonstrating the blood draw. Dr. Luce has established an amazing business and we are so proud to call them our family vet! They all really do treat our pets as their own! Thank you staff. Kim C. from Aldie, VA