A Better Way to Get Your Pet’s Meds!

Brown puppy popping out of a box

Due to many of us who have experienced shipping delays for online orders, we now carry many of your pet’s medications, prescription foods, flea and tick preventatives and more in our in-house pharmacy. There are many reasons to purchase your products through us directly versus a corporate online retailer:

1). Our prices are competitive;
2). You may qualify for additional rebate savings only offered through veterinarians;
3). You are supporting a local business;
4). You may return the product for a refund;
5). Membership fees are not required and savings are not only during your first order;
6). The products come with a “safe and effective” manufacturer’s warranty; and
7). Prescription orders are automatically recorded in your pet’s record.

We can provide some automatic services for medicines and foods that are routinely used. Let our Pharmacy Manager ensure your pet doesn’t run out of any necessary medication due to shipping delays. We will be happy to discuss all the options we offer to ensure it is convenient for you to receive what’s needed for your pet.

For products that are not stocked in-house, we do offer an on-line option. Call us at (703) 348-9462 for refills, or use our convenient online forms: in-house pharmacy or online pharmacy.