Aldie Vet Moves to Dulles South Veterinary Center!

Aldie Veterinary Hospital_Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital

I wanted to send a quick note in order to update all of our clients regarding our move down the street. As we have been announcing through email and social media, two month ago, we moved into the new Dulles South Veterinary Center (DSVC) in South Riding on Elk Lick Rd. This veterinary center has been built to be a premier medical, surgical and emergency center by its design and equipment.

As with any move or change, it has not been without challenges. We appreciate your patience as we work out all the kinks. One of the biggest changes we have made is the offering of 24/7 emergency veterinary services through Dulles South Animal Emergency Hospital, located in the same building. The conveniences offered at Dulles South Veterinary Center would not have been possible without your loyal support during all these years. Therefore, I would like to formally thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s health and wellness.

Emergency medicine, for pets, has been a hole that has needed to be filled in our area for a long time. As it stands, the closest emergency centers are, at least, 30 minutes away. Dulles South Animal Emergency will fill this hole and is, currently, the only animal emergency hospital on the south side of Loudoun County.

Aldie Vet will continue to provide routine and advanced veterinary medical and surgical services. In addition, Dulles South Animal Emergency will provide the emergency and critical care services. Together we will be able to provide the continuity of care that meets the healthcare needs of your pets.

So, what does this all mean for our clients? If you have a pet that is scheduled for surgery that requires hospitalization, overnight observation will be provided. If your pet is brought in as an emergency during the day and is in need of critical care, we will be able to provide that service for you AND you will no longer have to transfer your pet for medical care through the night. Lastly, as DSVC is open 24/7/365, you will have access to emergency veterinary services any time of day or night. Dulles South Animal Emergency will be ready for your unscheduled 2am call!

Please help spread the word regarding DSVC and its emergency and advanced veterinary services. Having a veterinary center open 24/7/365 is a big undertaking, but one which this community needs. DSVC is planning to partner with other local veterinarians by providing the types of services that are not offered at their own practice, as well as being their center of choice for emergencies, critical care and overnight observation. This professional relationship affords our community and its pets, a continuum of comprehensive veterinary care, locally.

Again, thank you for all your support. We look forward to providing these additional veterinary services to our communities.