Aldie Vet’s New App & Online Access

Similar to having access to your own medical record online, we are now offering online and a mobile App to gain access to your pet(s) medical information. Some of the features you may access includes:

  • Review Medical History
  • Review Prescriptions and Ability to Request Refills
  • Review Scheduled Appointments and Ability to Request Appointments
  • Review Vaccination History
  • Receive Treatment & Appointment Reminders
  • Instructions: Administering Medications, Post Operative, Post Treatment, Etc.
  • “What’s New At Your Pet’s Vet” Informational Emails

If you are a current or soon to be a client of Aldie Vet, you will receive an email explaining how to sign in to your account and how to download our App. Please call our office if you do not receive an email from us.