Endoscopic Procedures, including Laparoscopic Spays

Aldie Vet is now performing a full line of Endoscopic procedures, also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery. Veterinary Endoscopy offers you and your pet less invasive alternatives to traditional open surgery.

One of the procedures that is offered is Laparoscopic Spays which is a less painful and faster healing alternative to the traditional spay.

For the large breed dogs at risk for twisted stomach, which is fatal if not treated quickly, we can perform Gastropexy. This is a preventative surgery where we will suture the stomach to the abdominal wall in order to prevent the stomach from twisting. Gastropexy is often done at the time as a Laparoscopic Spay.

Another common Endoscopic procedure is an Otoscopy, which allows for safe and thorough cleaning, removal of foreign objects, polyp removal and diagnostic sampling of the ear. The visualization afforded by this technique make it a precise means of assessment of treatment and follow-up.