Heartworm Preventative – Once a Month!

Heartworm medicine prevents heartworms in dogs and cats

Aldie Veterinary Hospital recommends giving your pet dog or cat its heartworm preventative monthly. Whether the preventive you choose is given as a pill, a spot-on topical medication or as an injection, all approved heartworm medications work by eliminating the immature (larval) stages of the heartworm parasite. This includes the infective heartworm larvae deposited by the mosquito as well as the following larval stage that develops inside the animal. Unfortunately, in as little as 51 days, immature heartworm larvae can molt into an adult stage, which cannot be effectively eliminated by preventives. Because heartworms must be eliminated before they reach this adult stage, it is extremely important that heartworm preventives be administered strictly on schedule (monthly for oral and topical products and every 6 months for the injectable). Administering prevention late can allow immature larvae to molt into the adult stage, which is poorly prevented.

Giving it on the 1st of the month is probably the easiest to remember. Also, don’t forget to apply your flea and tick preventative monthly.