Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is alive and growing in pets, children and adults! In fact, the number of adults and children that have been diagnosed with Lyme disease is now receiving the attention of Virginia’s Governor who has appointed a task force to help deal with the Lyme disease epidemic. During the task force hearing in Fairfax this week, Governor McDonnell has designated May as Lyme Awareness Month.

All of us, at Aldie Veterinary Hospital, are very concerned about the growing number of reported Lyme disease cases in dogs. The National Capital Lyme Disease Association sites that dogs are 50-100 times more likely to encounter disease-carrying ticks than people. These ticks then enter your home or come into contact with you or your children. Here is your best defense in protecting your pets and family from Lyme disease:

  • Vaccinate your dog this Spring with the Lyme vaccine.
  • Use a flea and tick control product, such as Frontline Plus on your pet YEAR ROUND.
  • Check your dogs, cats, children and yourself regularly for ticks. Make sure to examine your pet between toes, behind ears, under armpits and around tail and head as ticks like to hide in these areas.

A great resource for information about tick-borne disease in animals may be found at In addition, we will be providing additional information regarding Lyme disease in your pet in our next issue of the Aldie Vet Pet Gazette.