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Oral Healthcare

Good oral hygiene is important to the overall health of your pet.

Plaque is made up of bacteria that accumulates on your pet’s teeth to form tartar and cause bad breath. Once tartar builds up under the gumline, bacteria can enter your pet’s blood supply and cause kidney, liver, and/or heart problems. Left untreated, dental disease can cause painful gums, eventually leading to severe pain as the teeth become rotten within the bone.

We see problems related to dental disease every day. The best thing you can do to prevent tartar build up is brush to your pet’s teeth. Much like people, pets can benefit from daily brushing.

We also recommend CET chews, which are specially treated cow hide treats that help break up the tartar when your pet chews them. Your pet should never be given a chew and left unattended.  They are also available in a vegan form for special order.

Finally, there are water additive products and oral rinses that contain the enzyme that helps break down tartar. While not as effective as brushing or the chews, it makes a great final step to a well-rounded home dental care routine.  If you have questions or need to make an appointment, please call us at (703) 327-0909 or schedule one online!